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Let Elo-Ex connect you with a driver to drive your car and render return. This service comes with identity and address background checks for drivers and guarantors. We ensure we pair your you with the best suited driver or car owner based on your preferences.


Request an Uber Car

If you are looking for a car to drive on Uber, Let Elo-Ex connect you with a wide range of car owners registered on our database so that you can hit the ground running and start earning.

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Driver and Car Owner Training

Register your drivers and yourself for our Uber training where we train drivers and car owners on how to manage the real day-to-day challenges that come with the business. Being an efficient Uber driver in Lagos goes beyond knowing how to use the Uber app.


Uber Contract Management and Advisory Services

We will help you with real time identity verification of business partners or employees as part of your recruitment or internal business processes.

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Preventive Maintenace Services

Maximize your earnings with our preventive maintenance service. As part of this service, we do a deep dive inspection of your vehicle weekly to ensure that it is being well maintained by the driver. We also inspect repairs done by mechanics to ensure that it is properly done with the parts. Periodic reports will be sent to you with inspection reports.

  • Ensure your car is well maintained
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs by identifying issues and fixing them before they become bigger and more expensive
  • Guarantee longer life of your car
  • Protect your engine

Your car is the asset...you only enjoy your earnings when your car is healthy

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